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Studio Fresh

is a limited edition clothing line, with hands-on attention to details

Made locally in Toronto, Canada

About the Designer

connie meyer

My approach to my work almost always comes from my interest in the arts. To me designing is a bit like painting.  Often minimalist with tone on tone textures and sometimes eclectic and vibrant.  It is work designed very much in the moment.  Always spontaneous and never over planned. It goes through a process of form fitting and manipulation so that it can work on a variety of shapes and sizes. It becomes a bit architectural as it goes through the process of drafting and sampling over and over until a happy medium is met without taking away from the original idea.  It is time-consuming work in a world that moves very quickly.

We are therefore so appreciative of the following that we have acquired for almost 20 years, from people who are looking for something a little away from the mainstream  but that can still work with the latest trends.  

A quality garment that just says a little more, as it comes from a lovely place, where people care about other people and yet still maintain a little edge...just to keep things interesting.

so, hop on board, we'd love to have you